zaterdag 9 september 2017

Winschoten 100 km - Tobias

Three weeks before the Spartathlon, Winschoten 100 km as the last 'training' before easing off the training a bit. The plan was to run a sub9 and be reasonably fresh afterwards. My 100 km pr was 8:46 and i knew a could beat that pretty easily and that temptation was a bit too big. 

The first lap i ran together with Sophia Sundberg in 4:35 pace (who would go on and win the women's race), then geared down to 5:00 pace, which felt comfortable. It was raining the first 3-4 hours, but it wasn't cold and there was almost no wind. Later the sun would break through occasionally. 

I ate a little less than normally, one gel + sports drink every lap/50 mins and that seemed to work well. No serious stomach issues. at 80 km i had a small dip and had to fight a bit to maintain 5:00 pace. 

Nog een paar meter tot de finish in Winschoten (100 km). Eindtijd 8:11:47 en een 14e plaats overal. Fotograaf: Jesse.
Finished in 8:11:47, a fat pr with more than 30 minutes. Next year, we'll go for that sub8 100 km! now it's all about that big Greek thing!

Tevens natuurlijk onzettend trots op de jonge god Jesse die een pb liep op de 50 km in 3:58!

- Tobias

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